The Omaha Reformed Church meets for Wednesday Evening Study at 7:00 PM at

4905 N 96th Street
Omaha, NE  64134
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Wednesday Evening Study on  The Attributes of God 

At our Wednesday Evening Study (7:00 PM) we've been studying Ligonier Ministries Series: THE PORTRAIT OF GOD: the Glorious Character of God from their 2004 National Conference.  Below are the lessons we watched (and will be). The links to these videos are available to watch on the Ligonier website for free.  Study sheets are added to the lessons as we go through them. 

  Even if you don't plan on coming to the Wednesday Evening Studies, I think you will be blessed by watching these or giving them a listen (mp3 available).  We are best able to glorify God when we know the most about Him.   When I was in seminary a friend gave me a book and wrote in the front:  

"Randy, remember that as your theology increases, so much your doxology." 

This series of messages has contributed to the growth of my "theology" and I trust it will do the same for you.  Let's grow in our understanding that we might "glorify" God more and more! 

If you think God is far away and irrelevant, you DON'T KNOW THE GOD OF THE BIBLE. This series will introduce Him to you.  ENJOY!! 

"You are God"    Dr. J. Ligon Duncan III   
He examines the god of the New Age movement, otherwise known as Neo-Paganism.   Study Sheet 1

"God to Me"      Dr. R.C. Sproul, Jr. 
  In this pre-conference seminar, R.C. Sproul Jr. will expose the god of the relativists. Study Sheet 2

"A Tame Lion"     Dr. Robert Godfrey   
He helps us to discern the god of the church growth movement. Study Sheet 3

Questions and Answers#1

These are the Conference messages.  Each of these speakers is leaders and well respected in the Reformed world today.   

An Everlasting Love: The Love of God
John MacArthur
The meaning of God’s love has often been explained in a way that gives us a distorted understanding of who God is. In this session, John MacArthur will present the biblical doctrine of God’s love.  He will dig deep in unveiling the Bible’s teaching about the nature of God’s Love.   Study Sheet 4

An Unquenchable Fire: The Wrath of God
Dr. J. Ligon Duncan III
How would you describe wrath? Is wrath incompatible with the Christian concept of God? Before we dismiss difficult doctrines as distortions of God’s character, let us first see what the Bible actually says about them. Dr. J. Ligon Duncan III delivers this message, which looks at a proper teaching on the biblical concept of God’s wrath.   Study Sheet 5

A Knowledge With No End: The Omniscience of God
Dr. Sinclair Ferguson
In this session, Sinclair Ferguson will explain the meaning of God’s omniscience, demonstrating how it is taught throughout the Scriptures. We are reminded of how a proper understanding of this attribute of our great God is a true comfort to believers.   Study Sheet 6

Before the Beginning: The Aseity of God
Dr. R.C. Sproul
Unlike creation, God is self-existent, uncaused, and independent. In this lecture, Dr. Sproul will examine the doctrine of God’s Aseity, and explain why it is vital to a proper understanding of who God is as Creator and Redeemer.   Study Sheet 7

The angels surrounding the throne of God proclaim, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts.” In this session, John MacArthur will examine what the Bible has to say about the holiness of God, reminding us what our response to this holiness should be.   Study Sheet 8

Sometimes we forget that God is the standard of true beauty. In this message, J. Ligon Duncan will remind us of God’s beauty and seek to instill in us a renewed appreciation and love for the One who is truly beautiful.    Study Sheet 9

Scripture indicates that God is not composed of parts and is not divisible. This attribute of God has traditionally been referred to as God’s “simplicity.” In this lecture, Sinclair Ferguson will explain the meaning and implications of this doctrine.   Study Sheet 10

 In this session, W. Robert Godfrey explains what the Bible means when it proclaims the omnipotence of God, and helps us to understand why this doctrine is a source of comfort for the believer.
Study Sheet 11

 The Bible tells us that God is unchanging in His being, perfections, purposes, and promises. In this session, R.C. Sproul explains what God’s attribute of immutability does and does not mean, and reminds us why this doctrine is vital to the Christian faith.   Study Sheet 12 

As we go through, I will share the study sheets/handouts I've made for our Wednesday Night Study.