Omaha Reformed Church  
is a mission work of the Reformed Church in the United States ( ).  It is seeking to establish a congregation that holds fast to the doctrines and practices of Biblical Christianity.
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Worship Service
(Facebook Live)

To the right is a video of a recent worship service.   It begins as we begin our worship service and concludes after it ends.  

The sermon that Sunday was on Mark 2:1-12 and begins at around 34 minutes into the recording.  In this passage, Jesus not only heals the paralytic but also reveals himself and his power to his disciples.

Truly Jesus is the incarnate Son of God.  We rightly look and trust in Him as the only One who can forgive our sins, heal our infirmities and bring us into eternal life.

Our Services are Live Streamed over Pastor Randy's Facebook .  You should be able to log go to his page and see a live broadcast of the service:   HERE .

WHEN?  Sunday's at 10:30 AM or after for the recorded message.

God Centered Reformed worship at:

4905 N 96TH Street                       (click address)
Omaha, NE  68134

Our Worship Service will begin at:   10:30 AM

Discipleship (Sunday School) around 9:00 AM
Messages vary from 1. The Call to Worship, 2. The Greeting (two part), 3. Reading the Law, 4. Praying, 5. Preaching, 6. Tithes and Offerings, 7. The Gravity of Worship, and 8. The Benediction (two parts).

In front of the sanctuary at Omaha Reformed Church, we have the following verse as a backdrop: 

"Give unto the LORD the Glory Due His Name, Worship the LORD in the Beauty of Holiness."  Psalm 29:2

   If, when you go to church, you're not Worshipping the Lord with Reverence and  in the Beauty of Holiness, why bother?  It's not up to us to worship God as we see fit... or as we think most edifying or gratifying to us.  NO.  Our task is to worship God as He has revealed and commands to be worship.  Read Psalm 105: 1-8 or 1 Chronicles 16:8-36.  The Word of God alone is the standard.  Worship accordingly.
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"Where to Truth Lives"